[mythtv] Setup Questions

Calvin Harrigan mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 5 Oct 2002 21:23:51 -0400

On Sat, 2002-10-05 at 19:48, Joe Cairns wrote:
> I am new to mythtv and it looks great.  I have built a very small and quite
> pc just for this application.
> I have a copy of SuSE 8.0 personnel and professional does it matter which
> one I use? Or is there a better Linux distro that I should use?
> Is there a list of the packages that I need to install as part of the os
> install?
> I have downloaded the latest tarball file to install, is that all I need
> other the additional packages that you listed on your site.
> Is there a step-by-step setup document on system installation and
> configuration?
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Joe Cairns
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Doesn't really matter what version/level of suse you use.  Any linux 
distribution should work.  I'm personally using gentoo.
>From the install readme file:

This is what you need, software wise, to have installed:


There are some additional modules that you might have to intall with perl.  
Not really for mythtv but for xmltv. The details are in the xmltv 
documentation.  It's quite easy, you can download/install the needed modules 
from within the perl/CPAN shell.

No step by step.  I would recommmend a default or minimal install if the 
distruibution you choose allows those options then add the required packages.  
Some things like QT/MYSQL/PERL would be easier to install during the main 
distribution installation.