[mythtv] MythTV Experiences (resending)

John Clement mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 4 Oct 2002 16:02:12 -0400

>When the on screen display is up and displaying the "forward" or
>"reverse" messages after you have pressed the forward or rewind button
>then pressing a number would change the behaviour.  For example
>pressing forward and then 5 might skip forward 5 times as far as
>normal.  This way you could skip through large parts of the recording
>with a few key presses.
>Or it could be that forward and then 9 skips forward further than
>normal but forward and then 1 skipss forward less than normal.  This
>way the numbers from 1 to 4 give less than the normal skip and the
>numbers 6 to 9 give more than normal skip with a total of 9 different
>step sizes.
>After the on screen display has gone the behaviour goes back to
>The other option would be that the forward and reverse buttons are
>"sticky".  When you press one it starts skipping forward until you
>press it again.  This is how my old video worked and is great for
>programs where you want to only see a small part of the whole
>The reason that I would not want a different set of key presses to do
>this is that my remote control only has a small number of
>buttons. They are all used now, any more won't fit.  I don't think
>that MythTV should require the use of a keyboard.

You make some good points about not wanting too many different key presses, although I suppose some "nonessential" key presses could simply be ignored, in terms of using with a remote.  The "sticky" suggestion sounds like a good one to offer a way to quickly fastforward or rewind through several minutes of program.

At Issac's prompting, I did drag out the source code and figure out how to implement another set of fastforward and rewind keys,  tied to <PageUp> and <PageDown>.  It occurred to me though that just setting the original fastforward setting to 30 seconds and the rewind setting to 5 seconds would have given me the functionality that I was missing with just one set of rw/ff keys.  Oh well, I learned a few new things in the process.

John Clement