[mythtv] MythTV Experiences (resending)

Andrew M. Bishop mythtv-dev@snowman.net
03 Oct 2002 17:32:05 +0100

john@churchdrama.org wrote:

> I like having MythTV's rewind and
> fastforward set to 30 seconds to make it
> easier to skip commercials, however it
> would be nice to also have a 1-5 second
> rewind and fastforward in case the 30
> second fastforward skips over the first
> few seconds of a program after the
> commercials.  Having two sets of rewind
> and fastforward keys and be able to
> give them different values would be
> very helpful.

My thought on this (and something I was looking to implement if Isaac
is OK with it) was the following:

When the on screen display is up and displaying the "forward" or
"reverse" messages after you have pressed the forward or rewind button
then pressing a number would change the behaviour.  For example
pressing forward and then 5 might skip forward 5 times as far as
normal.  This way you could skip through large parts of the recording
with a few key presses.

Or it could be that forward and then 9 skips forward further than
normal but forward and then 1 skipss forward less than normal.  This
way the numbers from 1 to 4 give less than the normal skip and the
numbers 6 to 9 give more than normal skip with a total of 9 different
step sizes.

After the on screen display has gone the behaviour goes back to

The other option would be that the forward and reverse buttons are
"sticky".  When you press one it starts skipping forward until you
press it again.  This is how my old video worked and is great for
programs where you want to only see a small part of the whole

The reason that I would not want a different set of key presses to do
this is that my remote control only has a small number of
buttons. They are all used now, any more won't fit.  I don't think
that MythTV should require the use of a keyboard.

Andrew M. Bishop                             amb@gedanken.demon.co.uk