[mythtv] How can I help?

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 30 Sep 2002 23:35:18 -0400

On Monday 30 September 2002 07:26 pm, Calvin Harrigan wrote:
> Hi all, I've recently came upon (read last Saturday) mythtv and have
> installed it on two boxes and I"m quite pleased with it.  I've have it
> running under gentoo and redhat 7.3.  What I would like to know is where
> can I help.  I'm a programmer by proffession.  I can help with most
> things.  I've read that someone is working on a game front end.  I was
> going to do that but didn't want to duplicate anyones work.  What about
> conversion from freetype 1 to 2?    Any suggestions?

You can contribute whatever you want, really..  I _have_ been meaning to 
update things to the newer freetype release though, so that could be a good 
starting point.  The only freetype 1 code is in libs/libNuppelVideo/ttfont.*

CVS access is detailed at:


I like patches as 'diff -u' =)