[mythtv] Creative Video Blaster

MIchael Proctor-Smith mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 30 Nov 2002 11:44:50 -0800

Chris Liscio wrote:

>>Has anyone found a Linux driver for Creative Lab's Video Blaster Digital
>>VCR?  This board has an hardware MPEG encoder and CompUSA has them on sale
>>for $49.99 for Today only (Saturday November 30).  If a Linux driver
>>exists this would be a great way to get hardware encoder.
>For the record, it appears the card is currently not supported in Linux, and
>someone is looking for help in developing a driver for it. (See:
>Doing an initial scan on the actual MPEG2 codec chip the card uses, it
>appears there is no easily obtainable material to get the device up and
>running.  (Unlike the Zoran chipsets, which have documents all over the
>IMHO, if anyone's going to get a card up and running under Linux, I think
>the first we'll see is the WinTV PVR by Hauppauge.  There are a lot of
>devices in the wild, and I hear the product is selling very well.  I think
>Hauppauge might be more likely to help out with such a venture, too.  Just
>my 0.02 CDN (not worth very much to the lot of you... ;)).
I bought a WinTV PVR PCI card beacuse at this point it works for 
standard TV capture and there is a linux driver for the referance board 
for the MPEG chipset it uses. Which means only a mater of time before it 

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