[mythtv] OT: Wireless Network Connections

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Fri, 29 Nov 2002 12:23:15 -0700

If it's prism based (and I think it is) checkout the wlan-ng project.
The drivers work well.

I'll let you google for it.


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> OK, this is pretty off topic, BUT I think that many people would like
> connect their MythTV STB to the Internet via a wireless connection.
> router is FAR away from my cable connection, and my house isn't very
> friend to stringing cables under the house...I'm sure others are in
> same boat.
> So, does anyone have any knownledge of wireless NICs under Linux?  I
> recently bought a Linksys PCI NIC but now I'm not sure if the new
> work well under Linux.  Anyone have input/ideas?
> If it's too off topic, route to /dev/null :(
> Jeremy
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