[mythtv] hardware problem...??

Nathan Ziarek mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 28 Nov 2002 00:52:03 -0600

First off - I am a total Linux newbie.this will be my first Linux
install ever. Using the How-To docs here I got pretty far.I manged to
get everything installed (XML::Twig is still being goofy, but it allowed
me to install XMLTV anyway) and have even opened MythTV Frontend for the
very first time (it was pretty exciting, really).

The problem I am running into now is that it is telling me that I don't
have a capture card.I assumed it was going to be the default (silly me),
but when I went into the hardware manager in RH8, it didn't give it a
device name (like dev/dsp0) instead just saying N/A. XAWTV works (I
don't have cable hooked up to the tuner, but if I press my finger
against it, one station almost comes in ;-), so the card is working, but
it isn't labeled. I think.

I know this isn't an "all for Linux help group", but if anyone could
point me to a good resource for my newbie questions, I'd appreciate it.
I've been to LinuxNewbie.com, but it didn't seem to cover this. Keep in
mind that I don't understand a lot of what is going on, so the more
explanation, the better. :)


Nathan Ziarek