[mythtv] Actysis IR Blaster (was: Tekram IR-mate 210)

Jeremy Oddo mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 27 Nov 2002 14:11:07 -0800 (PST)

>>>> i don't have an actisys device and i haven't followed your
>> conversation
>>>> really close, but i don't understand why you think that you need two
>> of
>>>> these devices, isn't it possible to send and receive at the same
>>>> time with just one of them? or have i completely misunderstood what
>>>> you problem is all about?
>>>Well, the reason we were talking about TWO devices is because the
>>> transmitter has to point at my cable box (facing away from me) while
>> the
>>>receiver needs to point towards me.  Guess I can point it
>>> perpendicular
>> to
>>>me (facing the wall to me left) and bounce the signals off the wall ;)
>> Guess what?
>> I just did a test with the Actysis 200 acting as an IR receiver. Using
>> lirc's irw command I can receive codes from my a/v remotes - but the
>> distance is limited to less than 4 feet! Even using my Philips pronto
>> which has a strong IR signal I could not receive any codes once I
>> passed the 4 foot limit. This might limit your options for using this
>> device to receive a/v codes from a couch 8-10 feet away.
I just looked up the specs on the Actysis-220 and it says that it has an
"IR distance from 0cm-200cm with no external power!"  That's about 6.5'
which seems a bit better.  My questions are:  with external power, can you
boost the signal?  And does the Actysis-220 have a jack for external

Also, do we know that you can't use two devices with LIRC?  If you can,
then I can use the Actysis-220 for trasmission, and a [more powerful] IR
receiver on another serial port.