[mythtv] Geode chip at 300MHz / OpenBrick.org

Henk Poley mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 27 Nov 2002 21:22:57 +0100

> Van: Henk Poley <hpoley@dds.nl>
> Now that 'everybody' is talking about a possible separate usage of the
> player and the recorder, would the OpenBrick (which has a TV-out) suffice
> to play a stream over the network? (at ~25FPS at 640x480)
> Would be really nice and kinda cheap ($300).

Kinda like, never mind, seen on a site that it runs "comparably" like a
Pentium 200 MMX. So that ain't gonna work :-(

But there plans on a next version, entitled "OpenBrik NG", seems
promissing. As far as I can see they want something in te region what is
usable for video playback.

 	Henk Poley <><