[mythtv] Clarification

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 27 Nov 2002 12:57:16 -0500

On Wednesday 27 November 2002 08:57 am, Robert Dege wrote:
> > It already does this.   It automatically bumps programs around as much as
> > it can to different tuner cards to resolve any conflicts, and then the
> > rest of the UIs work as normally.
> Very nice.  This is something that I plan on working on when the new
> hardware arrives.   In the meantime, lemme ask how you handled this:
> MythTV is currently recording 2 shows on both tuner cards.  I sit down &
> select to watch TV.  Would an error message appear saying that 2
> recordings are currently running?  Would it give me an option to cancel
> 1 of the recordings, or do a live TV watch of one of the current
> recordings?

Not sure what it does, really.  Not something I really worked on, but it 
should be getting addressed in the next feature I'm doing..

> > I don't need any DVD capabilities right now, so someone else will have to
> > do things..  Although, just adding a simple button to the menu that plays
> > a DVD with another player if its in the drive is easy, and such mods have
> > been posted to the list before.  I'd want it to do some rudimentary disc
> > type detection before I'd accept anything into the distribution, though.
> I could see using a program like Mplayer, or Ogle.  I'll look into &
> search the archives for any info post previously.  What type of DVD
> detection were you talking about?  regional media, UDF, DivX media, etc?

More like, all the players (that I've seen, at least) require a different 
command line option to play a VCD than they do to play a DVD.  Ability to 
play a regular audio CD (call mythmusic and have it start playing the disc, 
or something), etc