[mythtv] Record on den machine; play on other machines.

Michael Kedl mythtv-dev@snowman.net
27 Nov 2002 15:15:27 -0000

Is there already a set of instructions to allow recording to happen on
one machine and playback to work on N others?  Even a "live" show?

The wife is always wanting to watch "something" in the living room.
I tend to record things in the den (using Show Shifter for windows for now)
and then watch them on my laptop under Linux.

I'd sure love to replace the SS machine with MythTV!
But how can I view the shows remotely without the remote DB copied over?
And can I view the "live" recording the same way you can "on the machine"?

This would be sweet; and maybe its already there; if so, how do I do it?? :-)

If this is one of those features "not ready yet" maybe I can work on it.

Just muttering to myself:
- the laptop actually has a tuner, so I need to switch between "local" myth
and "remote" myth
- the den machine should be straight myth as it is now, since I want to
watch tv down there occasionally
- probably have to redirect DB access to/from the remote machine; maybe have
a button on the frontend that does this?
- eventually would want to switch to/from music/games/videos as well
- is the frontend going to have to restart to switch modes?
- probably want to be able to change channels on the remote machine too;
thats probably not a DB command; have to make it listen for channel requests
too?  hmmmmm ; maybe a tcp socket?  and then the "local" machine has to send
commands to that socket instead of locally....  guess that could be via the
"external command" command as it works now; again just switch out of "local"
tuner mode.... hmmmmm