[mythtv] Hmm, so don't use ATI AIW, and now?

mythtv-dev@snowman.net mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 27 Nov 2002 11:26:02 +0100

Citeren Erik Arendse <erik_nospam.arendse@bigfoot.com>:

> At 25-11-02 20:36, you wrote:
> >And, eh, are there any other (wannabe) users in holland? No XMLTV support
> >for local stations :-(
> Yes there is at least one :-)

Hoi :-)

> And I wrote XMLTV compatible support for it, just an ugly perlscript that 
> parses www.tvgids.nl and writes an XMLTV outputfile. You don't need the 
> XMLTV package, it just runs by itself.
> And because of the way the channels are allocated non-conformistic 
> frequencies, different in each city, I wrote the --xawchannels option for 
> mythfilldatabase, so you can use xawtv to finetune all stations you want 
> and import them in mythvt.

Yes, I already came to the conclusion that "somehow" other countries seem to
have a nation wide conforming channel layout. There didn't seem to be a
frequency setup screen in MythTV either, so the question arose "How am I going
to tell MythTV?". But you seem to have fixed it. How?

> The only problem with parsing www.tvgids.nl is that you need a _lot_ of 
> data to scrape, for a full week only the evening and night shows I download
> about 15 Mb in 1100 files. Not nice if you only have a modem or ISDN :-)

Well, getting ADSL (512kbaud), so :-)  (as of +/- january)
btw, I hope you already skip images and the such?

> Because of that I designed the script to keep a local copy of all pages, 
> and when you run it a second time (mostly the next day ) it uses its local 
> cache for all files it kan find.

Wouldn't it be handy to make it possible to download the channel programming
from others? Mix it up with a little 'p2p' so you won't put one server on it's

> I am still improving it, if you (or anybody else) are interested you can be
> betatester, contact me directly (cut off the  "nospam_").

Hmm, as soon as I've decided what kind of config it will run on... :-)

Can't wait till this "hey, you didn't set the cassette at the correct
position"-fumble is over.

    Henk Poley <><