[mythtv] Hardware advice (Via Eden Board) / Video Card.

Michael Proctor-Smith mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 26 Nov 2002 10:08:25 -0800

> My linux router is under my bed, and the replacement drive is too loud
> (it's a 166Mhz before CPU's and PSU's needed fans). I'm of the opinion
> now that the constant unchanging noise from the CPU fan is better than
> the hard-drive writing data on/off.
> It'd be nice to encode on my big box (Athlon 1Ghz + 384Mb RAM), and then
> do the decoding on the AMD 450, could cope with leaving on 25/7.
> Although that doesn't exist yet does it. (Sometimes I wish my
> programming were better). It'd be nice to export the spool file to the
> "decoding" box, which simply does the frontend tasks - and using
> client/server to start/stop the encoding on the "encoder".
Easy easy enough run the everything but frontend on the encoder box and
frontend only on
the display box. Mount the video in the same place (/mnt/video) with the
video being
on nfs for the display box. I would like to have a couple of display boxes
with one centeral machine for storage/encoding.

> The other option- not found details of if this available yet; would be
> nice to put a new video card (w/tv-out) into the existing box, and have
> the mythtv projected onto the second display. I've not looked into
> multi-headed displays with Linux yet, and don't know if this can be done
> within Linux with some redirection trickery.