[mythtv] Hardware advice (Via Eden Board) / Video Card.

Mr. Adam ALLEN mythtv-dev@snowman.net
25 Nov 2002 23:41:36 +0000

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On Mon, 2002-11-25 at 23:26, Tony Clark wrote:
> On Monday 25 November 2002 23.09, Jeremy Oddo wrote:
> > I'd say the biggest problem with most people is the sound--you really n=
> > to be able to use ALSA sound.  IMO, it's wise to get "popular"
> > sound/video/capture cards as those are usually the ones that have prope=
> > drivers.
> No offence but I find ALSA to be a major PITA.  I'm using a soundblaster =
> card with OSS.  Simple and it works.  You make need to tell kde to use OS=
> and not auto detect sound.
> I would really love to get my SMP athlon quiet.  I have tried various fan=
s for=20
> the few extra bucks, different cpu coolers and PSUs.  You can make them=20
> liveable with but not sleepable.  I've also been thinking about a low noi=
> solution just for this and =EDnstall something to make the output streami=
ng or=20
> just use a remote xterm.

My linux router is under my bed, and the replacement drive is too loud
(it's a 166Mhz before CPU's and PSU's needed fans). I'm of the opinion
now that the constant unchanging noise from the CPU fan is better than
the hard-drive writing data on/off.

It'd be nice to encode on my big box (Athlon 1Ghz + 384Mb RAM), and then
do the decoding on the AMD 450, could cope with leaving on 25/7.
Although that doesn't exist yet does it. (Sometimes I wish my
programming were better). It'd be nice to export the spool file to the
"decoding" box, which simply does the frontend tasks - and using
client/server to start/stop the encoding on the "encoder".

The other option- not found details of if this available yet; would be
nice to put a new video card (w/tv-out) into the existing box, and have
the mythtv projected onto the second display. I've not looked into
multi-headed displays with Linux yet, and don't know if this can be done
within Linux with some redirection trickery.

After reading the archives (can't quite understand why I didn't do that
before the initial post!) - I've decided against the VIA on board
integrated thing. I've been interested in Transmeta - but not dived into
this enough, or found where to source board/processor in single qty's
over in the UK.


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