[mythtv] Hardware advice (Via Eden Board) / Video Card.

Mark Musone mythtv-dev@snowman.net
25 Nov 2002 18:02:34 -0500

I had horrible issues with fan noise on my machine...yea, you can get
quieter fans, but then theres the hard drive noise..EXPECIALLY if you're
talking about streaming the video to/from disk..What i did was simply
put my computer in my attic, and use an NTSC modulator for about $75 to
modulate it to a cable channel...the added benefit is that i can watch
it on ANY TV in my house! (i also have the s-video and line-out cables
running down through the wall for better quality..

the modulated NTSC signal is actually REAL nice and clean..i'd say it's
even better that hooking it up directly to your TV. This is because i
only need a very small rca connector to plug into the modulator..

hope this helps..


On Mon, 2002-11-25 at 17:09, Jeremy Oddo wrote:
> Learn from my mistake:  don't get a shoddy mobo, and make sure that you
> CAN add a video capture card, sound card, and AGP video card if the
> onboard stuff doesn't work.  I went around in circles with a whole host of
> problems before finally biting the bullet and buying a system that I knew
> would work.
> I'd say the biggest problem with most people is the sound--you really need
> to be able to use ALSA sound.  IMO, it's wise to get "popular"
> sound/video/capture cards as those are usually the ones that have proper
> drivers.
> I worked for many hours trying to get a RedHat machine with onboard video
> and sound to work.  I finally said "screw it" and I downloaded Mandrake9
> (has full ALSA support outta da box) and got a new machine with a
> soundblaster and an Nvidia AGP card (with TV-out).  It only took me a
> couple hours to get that setup working :)  It's really a trade off:  spend
> a little more money and spend a lot less of your own time, or skimp on
> hardware and spend a boat-load of your time trying to get it to work.
> I got a case that looks cool *and* is quite (my PlayStation2 is louder!). 
> You can get quite fans if you want to pay a couple bucks more...or you can
> install fanless coolers yourself.
> If you want a small quite machine, you may want to look at the new shuttle
> mobo/cases.
> Just my $.02
> Jeremy
> > Discovered MythTV last night and very, very impressed.
> > But I need to dedicate (and buy) some hardware for the system.
> >
> >
> > I have two choices:
> >
> > 1) Buy a Via Eden board.
> > Not sure about these cheap boards, £ 80 with 800Mhz chip on board,
> > integrated video (with TVout), sound and LAN. Linux compatibility is the
> > worst - so far through lots of searching google  - asking here if anyone
> > knows of show stoppers.
> > I've not found specific chipsets used. It's critical that the on-board
> > stuff works because it only has one PCI slot for the capture card. It's
> > advantage is that it's fanless- so won't keep me awake at night!
> > Dedicated an Athlon with huge fan is too noisy!!
> >
> > http://www.viavpsd.com/products/epia_mini_itx_spec.jsp
> >
> > 2) Use my old AMD K6-3 450Mhz - but I'd need to find a new video card
> > (cheap) with TV-out...
> > What card is recommended?
> >
> >
> > Thanks for a great piece of software - very, very impressed.
> >
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