[mythtv] Channel/DB Buglet?

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 25 Nov 2002 02:12:47 -0500

On Sunday 24 November 2002 01:28 pm, Andrew C. Ohnstad wrote:
> Heya,
> I changed a line in settings.txt as follows:
> str TunerCardInput=Composite1
> So that my tuner would start on the composite input
> (the only one I have).  Now if I watch live TV the OSD
> info is blank and I get the dreaded:
> Error, couldn't find any available channels.
> Your database is most likely setup incorrectly.
> However my database is set up correctly and has all
> the info in it.  In fact if I bring up the EPG while
> watching LiveTv, and select a program from the EPG to
> watch then the OSD is magically populated again.
> Does the TunerCardInput string fail to change a
> setting somewhere that tells the OSD that it should be
> using Composite1's channel info?
> As an experiment I just used 'c' to cycle through
> S-Video, TV, and back to Composite, and it still
> doesn't have any channel info, but as soon as I select
> a program to watch on the EPG it's back in buisness.

Weird -- I don't see anything jumping out at me in the code that could cause 
this.  Could you stick a 'cout << thequery << endl' in libs/libmythtv/tv.cpp, 
line 1757 (against current CVS) -- that's in TV::CheckChannel(), right after 
it sets up the database query.  I'd like to see the output of you changing to 
a channel manually with the number keys, and then the output of you changing 
to that channel with the program guide.  Just lookin to see what's different 
between the two.