[mythtv] New user

Wes Biggs mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 23 Nov 2002 14:51:59 -0800

Ray wrote:
> One other motherboard option I should have mentioned would be one of the
> nforce based boards.  Asus has a nice one (A7N266-C nForce 415D).  I havn't
> used these but they have a pretty good reputation for Linux compatability
> and would be a good match for Myth.

Thanks Ray and others for your responses.  Time to do some shopping.

Here's an economical starting point I found -- wondering if anyone has 
experience with this mobo (ECS K7S5A, SIS735 chipset)... 

The one thing that stuck out when I was looking at this is the IDE 
interface only supports 33/66/100.  Is this going to kill me with Myth? 
  Should I look for a new 133 IDE bus?

Thanks again.


P.S. Anyone using Adelphia Digital Cable (Scientific Atlanta box) have 
tips on IR?