[mythtv] Matrox G400 + Rainbow Runner

Ray mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 22 Nov 2002 18:01:38 -0700

On Thu, Nov 21, 2002 at 04:12:49PM -0500, Isaac Richards wrote:
> The biggest problem with this is that I can't seem to do hardware 
> decompression at the same time I'm doing hardware compression, and 
> libavcodec's mjpeg decoder takes > 100% cpu on the p3-550 that I stuck the 
> g200tv in to decode that size/quality of video.

I went ahead and set the decimation down to 2 in the source and I can now
watch live TV with decent (roughly vhs) quality and only around 50% cpu
usage from mythtv.