[mythtv] Directv or multiple channel sources issues.

Bertus mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 22 Nov 2002 11:13:26 -0600

What about these two things:

-My first 15 channels are broadcasted and I use the TV tuner as the source,
after that all my channels come form DirecTV through my Composite1. In the
EPG they are treated as one whole group (there is only one big group, one
EPG), so when I go from the ones picked but the tuner to those coming
through the Composite 1 the reasonable thing would be to change the source
base on the channel info, right? The same for the up and down keys (cursor
up/cursor down) the should navigate the same set of channels as the EPG.
Would it  be possible in future versions for Myth to pick the  appropriate
source base on the channel?
This is provably not an easy fix but, what do you guys think about it?   (Am
I making myself clear on this?)

- Is it or would it be possible (in future versions) to define a script call
for more "events"  in the settings file?.(like in  the case of changing
channels: "str ExternalChannelCommand=/usr/local/bin/changechannel")
I would love to have the ability to execute a perl script (to turn my sat
box on/off) when the source changes. (Something like this: "str
ExternalSourceCommand=/usr/local/bin/turnboxon_off").  Maybe it would be a
good idea to echo the source name, just like you guys echo the channel for
the ExternalChannelCommand.
I would like to turn my direct TV box on/off, because my tuner reception is
much better when it is off. I also hear the sound from my sat box and the
TV-tuner, while watching the tuned channels, if I leave the sat box on.

After reading my original email I realize that I was being a little
cryptic...I was writing late and English is not my first language. So
decided to rewrite my questions.

Thank you in advance,


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> On Friday 22 November 2002 10:21 am, Erik Arendse wrote:
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> Already fixed this last night.
> Isaac
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