[mythtv] Zap2it seams to be down...down...down...any alternatives?

Roberto C. Serrano mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 21 Nov 2002 20:31:41 +0000

I mean a Monster!  (Not a monter....  :-P)   By the way that's a translation 
from Spanish and means that you know a lot or that you are very good at 
something! (Just making sure....that it is understood)

Thanks again.


>From: "Roberto C. Serrano" <bertusmedia@hotmail.com>
>Reply-To: mythtv-dev@snowman.net
>To: mythtv-dev@snowman.net
>Subject: Re: [mythtv] Zap2it seams to be down...down...down...any 
>Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 20:01:56 +0000
>You are a Monter! Thanks! It seams to be working...and I feel like a little 
>girl running and screaming at first sign of problems!

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