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You guys have all read this article right?


There is a cool video also.


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On Wed, Nov 20, 2002 at 06:50:57PM -0800, Allen T. Gilliland IV wrote:
> To be honest ... I would recommend a p4 if you are
> going from scratch.  I have an athalon 1200 and
> heating is a serious problem.

Not if the system is built properly.

>  My p4 2400 never breaks
> 45C, and i don't think there is that big of a price
> difference if you adjust the amd chips to their
> respective pentium competitors.  I believe an athalon
> 1800 would net you around an p4 1600 or 1700.

It obviously depends on what you are doing and the other details of the
system but on average the Athlons are at least as fast or a bit faster than
a similar P4.  Judging from your other posts there is something up with your
system but there's no reason to think it's a cpu issue or that it is typical
for an Athlon.

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