[mythtv] What I have learned

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That sounds like my problem, I can hardly watch LiveTV at 640x480. I
have an Athlon 1.4, you wouldn't think I would have this problem. I
think ill try emerging fluxbox also.

Im not sure if this fixes the underlying problem tho. When I record on
my system, the cpu uses about 35%, but if I do live Tv, it takes 95% to
100%. To me this seems like it's a video problem. I have a gf2 mx400 in
the system.


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Hello all,

MythTV is almost too good to be true.

After couple of weeks I have a fully working system.
I've had my share of problems but I have solved them all.
Clues I read on the mailing list helped me enormously,
so I decided to share what I have learned to hopefully benefit someone.

1) Even after setting record on the line in, I did not hear anything. I
found a setting
called Igain (input gain) in Kmix or Capture in amixer that solved the

2) Us-cable frequency table did not work. Canada-cable did, but channels
not look as good
as they should have. I got this resolved today. My ATI TV-Wonder VE gets
recognized by
bttv but the tuner was not autodetected correctly. I had to manually set
correct tuner
in modules.conf. I got the correct tuner chip info by searching from
After this
us-cable worked and picture quality is great.

3) KDE takes up alot of resources. I could not record using 640x480 or
480x480 without
getting some jerkiness and skipped frames etc. (1.1 Ghz Duron 384 RAM)
running under KDE.
Emerged (Running Gentoo) Fluxbox, and 640x480 was a piece of cake (well
a piece of cake
but works 100% with about 90% occupancy.)


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