[mythtv] Green Stripe?

Monty Walls mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 19 Nov 2002 15:11:20 -0600

Ok, I'm new.  I've successfully install MythTV 0.7 on RH7.3 with
v4l2 bttv-0.8.41, Alsa 0.9rc6, linux-2.4.18(with both preemption patches
and low-latency patches).

When I fire up Mythtv with Ctwm (or VTWM/TWM) I get a green stripe
down the leftside of my screen. Anybody seen this or have any ideas?
Neither MPlayer nor Xawtv have this problem.  

(as to why ctwm/twm: this box is not a desktop, ie only a pvr and
I can turn off borders/frames/titles on the pvr application windows).

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