[mythtv] Myth in europe

Erik Arendse mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 18 Nov 2002 10:22:01 +0100

 > What I'd like to do is a simple editor for live tv channels. That way one
 > would not need to use xmltv at first to use mythtv.

Same for me. In The Netherlands I have some channels for which no internet 
info exists, so grabbing is not an option. To avoid using a analog VCR 
besides MythTV I need manual channels, with manual recording.

This is one of my top-priority todos, but unfortunately I never have been 
able to change any channel at all with MythTV. Worst thing is my machine 
hard-hangs, and multiple reboots get boring rather quickly :-(

If I ever get it working I'll write the stuff you need, I don't expect 
Isaac or anybody else on the other side of the ocean ever will as their TV 
situation is quite different from ours.