[mythtv] Resend: DirecTV PPV --> XML Script

tarek Lubani mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 03:21:44 -0500

Hey guys!!

The Plan:
To somehow get DirecTV's PPVs into Myth's database by downloading info and 
turning it into XML to be passed to mythfilldatabase

The Tools:
Thank you Rob K. for pointing us towards a page that tries to do DTV PPV 
updates for the tivo. This page is: 

The solution:
A little script written in Perl to get the stuff from the above page and 
turn it into XML.. This *is* basic and currently doesn't include 
categorizations (comedy/drama/etc) or such, which can no doubt be added in 
time.. The Perl Script can be found at:


What's left:
I stopped at this point because I didn't wish to duplicate the work that 
has already been done by Isaac.. Basically, I was wondering how myth gets 
the xml into the database? is it possible, Isaac, for myth to sport an 
option where you can pass it an argument (i.e., some random XML file like 
the one created by this .pl) which in turn is put into the database?

Thank you

tarek : )