[mythtv] Feature Request: mythfilldatabase status

Robert Kulagowski mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 13 Nov 2002 22:11:47 -0600

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> > Well, maybe not status per-se, but something like what the Tivo
> > does when it reports the last time it got EPG data, and how far
> > out the data goes.  So even though I've got a cron job running
> > mythfilldatabase, it'd still be nice to know if I'm running out
> > of data.  (xmltv broken, zap2it broken, etc)
> Where would it show this info?

Hrmm.  Good question.  That's a UI question, I think.  Did you plan
on having any sort of status page for when you have a distributed
setup with different front ends / back ends?  I would think that a
status page would have information on it like:  

1.  Last mythfilldatabase run (or highest guide data information)
2.  Status of servers: Encoder 1:  Recording program X, Encoder 2:
Live TV Channel y
3.  Status of clients: "Client x: watching channel y"

I don't know.  Maybe too complicated.  What _would_ a status page
display?  How would it change in a distributed vs. monolithic system?
 Do you have thoughts on how you're going to proceed?
> > [Isaac, are you keeping feature requests somewhere, (/dev/null?)
> > or is sending them to the mailing list sufficient?]
> Anything that I think would be useful, I add to my todo list. 

Is this a private to-do, or the one on the web page?

> Anything else that comes along without a patch implementing it, I
> pretty  much just ignore.

Hrmm.  That's why I think that discussion of potential features
should be in the open, to see how receptive you are.  If a patch is
developed that you don't like, then it's a bunch of work that the
developer did that won't go anywhere, at least without splitting the
tree, or maintaining private patches.

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