[mythtv] What's best for MythTV - Uniprocessor Athlon XP 2100 or two Athlon MP 1500s?

Robert Middleswarth mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 13 Nov 2002 09:05:39 -0500

Isaac Richards wrote:

>On Tuesday 12 November 2002 10:55 am, Dan Schwarz wrote:
>>So I'm assembling my mythTV box and I'd like some input from folks who
>>have real world experience using these. I expect to have only one TV
>>tuner card, at least to start (Radeon 7500 AIW).  Is it worthwhile to
>>get a multiprocessor box - will mythTV make use of both CPUs effectively?
>>If I get the uniprocessor box, can I expect to use the box for any other
>>purpose while mythTV is doing a simultaneous encode + decode? (i.e. run
>>Emacs via remote SSH session, run OpenOffice in a VNC session , etc.)
>>Thanks for any input you can provide.
>There's currently thread-saftey issues in libavcodec, so I had to lock all 
>access to the library behind a single lock.  So, SMP doesn't currently gain 
>you any large improvements, but that may change in the future.
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Does this only affect the MPEG4 Codec or does it also effect the 
NuppelVideo Based One,