[mythtv] DirectTv, etc.

tarek Lubani mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 12 Nov 2002 00:12:17 -0500

Wow. very cool.. I think this could be much more easily turned into 
something usable..

tarek : )

>OK, I think I mis-read the question.  I don't have DirecTV, and
>didn't know that the PPV channels were < 200, and that TVGuide
>doesn't have the information either.
>Howabout using the JPAG scripts, originally for Tivo.
>Looking at showlist.jpg (it's actually a text file)
>I can see, for example, that "All about the Benjamins" is "PR48", and
>PR48 is mapped to PPV142:
>adp PR48 A001496db {All About the Benjamins} "1 368 133 32 34 40 41
>105 114 167 371" "2002" "Cube|Ice Epps|Mike Mendes|Eva Flanagan|Tommy
>Chaplin|Carmen {Miller|Valarie Rae} {Smith|Roger Guenveur}
>{Hall|Anthony Michael} Giaimo|Anthony Chase|Jeff Salvano|Gino
>Brooks|Evelyn" {Ice Cube & Mike Epps ('Friday,' 'Next Friday') team
>up as a solid bounty hunter and a slippery con man caught up in a
>multi-million dollar Miami diamond heist.} "4"
>ads 0 PPV142 12000 48600 5880 PR48
>Now, as to what all that's supposed to mean, I guess you can read the
>code on the page and determine how to map it to something you can
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