[mythtv] DirectTv, etc.

Magnus Ullberg mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 11 Nov 2002 18:48:06 -0600

At 06:37 PM 11/11/2002, tarek Lubani wrote:
>Well, it all depends what you consider "directv support", in my opinion..
>1) I have LIRC, which serves to control my receiver.. Many people, 
>especially those using sony / RCA use some serial cable thingi..

What did you have to do to get it working? Is it already bundled with 
MythTV or did you write some scripts on your own?

>2) There are some outstanding issues.. because there aren't that many 
>people using directv and myth, I think it may be a while longer before 
>they're sorted out.. These issues include some channel change problems 
>(using the menu to change channels).. Not much you can do about those 
>except for maybe patch them if you have the knowhow once you recognize them..

If i get a box good enough to run this and if noone else is working on it 
right now i'll probably take a stab at it.

>3) This has NOTHING to do with mythtv, but absolutely the worst thing 
>about using directv with MythTV is that zap2it's channel guide system has 
>*no* ability to get pay per view movie information.. I have been trying to 
>figure out how to appropriately query www.directv.com 's site for PPV 
>information.. This is, as I understand, totally a zap2it.com / xmltv 
>issue.. but it still hurts me deeply..

If i actually get a system up and running maybe we can combine our efforts :)

>tarek : )
>>First of all, awesome program you have here :)
>>I haven't installed it yet, but im seriously considering it. The key 
>>factor is whether i can make it control my direct tv receiever.
>>Just as i finished this email asking a bunch of questions about whether a 
>>direct tv receiever was supported i realized that i hadn't checked out 
>>the FAQ yet.. Ooops... i almost did the same thing i curse other people 
>>for doing.. ;)
>>Anyways, whats the status of the direct tv support 
>>(http://www.snowman.net/pipermail/mythtv-dev/2002-July/000020.html), is 
>>anybody working on it right now or should i take a stab at it? I don't 
>>want to start on something if someone else is already working on it.
>>Magnus Ullberg
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