[PATCH] Re: [mythtv] Recorded Programs menu

rob mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 11 Nov 2002 16:00:38 -0600

Isaac Richards wrote:

>UI clutter. 
>Also, I'm going to be adding a optional dialog at the end of playback that 
>asks if you want to go ahead and delete the recording.
Nah, I don't like it.  The "Watch a Recording" and "Delete Recording" 
screens are the same (List of recorded shows, show name, airdate, 
channel, episode, description, and preview) except the text at the top, 
and "Delete Recording" has the storage used/total text and bar graph at 
the bottom.

What clutter are you talking about?  On-screen clutter or feature 
clutter per menu?  I wouldn't consider 3 options on a menu (play, 
delete, re-encode) for a show to be too many, and the only other things 
from those individual menus that you can do now are scroll up or down, 
or go back to the main menu.  The main menu would have one fewer choice, 
so it would be cleaner.

For an optional dialog at the end of playback that asks if you want to 
delete the recording, that's an extra keystroke for every program I play 
when it's finished.  If it's a menu option in the "Manage Recordings" 
menu, the highlighted option will be the last one played, so I can just 
hit "Delete" when the program is finished playing for the ones I want to 
delete, and no extra keystroke for the ones I want to keep.

If you need more space on the "Manage Recordings" screen, change the 
storage display to something like "Used: 14.1/25.0GB", and shrink the 
bar graph.  I would think the "re-encode" option would display some 
other menu, like the "schedule once/schedule all" type display from the 
"Schedule a Recording" screen.

Hey, I just thought of another potential feature.  My digital camera has 
a "delete all" function that deletes all of the pictures on the memory 
card.  It also has a "lock" function that allows you to lock individual 
pictures, so they won't be affected by the "delete all".  In MythTV, 
this could be an additional feature on the "Manage Recordings" menu. 
 All of the functions would then be: Play, Delete, Re-Encode, 
Lock/unlock, or delete All.