[mythtv] Help to make MythTV 'ebuild' for Gentoo Linux

Brian Lund Larsen mythtv-dev@snowman.net
11 Nov 2002 09:28:31 +0100

On Sun, 2002-11-10 at 20:02, rob wrote:
> I ran into the same problem.  I think that you need to have QT built 
> with support for MySQL, which is done by emerging QT _after_ you emerge 
> MySQL.  In other words, MySQL needs to be installed first.  (I'm not 
> sure about the USE flags.)  I think I had a problem with the 
> qt-3.1.0_pre package, but I'm running okay with qt-3.0.5-r2.ebuild.

I too have a problem with qt-3.1.0 - no way I can get it to load the
qsql drivers, even though the plugin library is compiled.

However the above approach with the mysql USE flag did solve my problem
with qt-3.0.x

// blinx