[mythtv] channel changing on motorola DCT2000H

Harondel J. Sibble mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 04 Nov 2002 10:47:54 -0800

On 4 Nov 2002 at 13:17, Matt Zimmerman wrote:

> I have the same unit, but without the serial port or any of the other
> optional goodies (including S-video output, unfortunately).  I just started

> motherboard if possible, using lirc_sir.  This is supposed to work up to a
> range of about 1 meter, which should be plenty if I can get a long enough
> dongle.
I'd considered going this route, however can't seem to get any ir dongles for 
the motherboard from the manufacturer (epox).

> I'm currently experimenting with the built-in IrDA on my laptop, which last
> night I got to the point of being able to transmit signals, but was not able
> to test controlling the unit (the laptop has no battery, and was in the wrong
> room, and it was late...).  Hopefully I should have some results soon.
I thought about that, and I have an extra laptop that could do the deed, 
however, IIRC, none of my laptops have the appropriate chip for this to work. 
However it's been like a year since I last looked at this, so maybe time to 
revisit it.

I have 1 other option as I can see, using a palm pilot hooked up via serial 
(to the pc) cable and the omniremote software and some scripting, have the 
palm do the tuning.

Last option would be something similar but involved hacking my Radio Shack 
Easy VCR Programmer remote to run off the pc. Since it's built in calendar 
stops at Dec 31 2001, it's not much good for programming anymore.

> You may already have IrDA hardware, though you may have to find a dongle for
> it (not easy, I am still looking for mine).  According to the information I
I assume you mean for you the motherboard right?

> have read, controlling consumer IR devices works OK with some irda hardware
> devices and not with others; you will have to try and see.
May play with that later this week, I have a USB FIR dongle (Xtended Systems) 
that I've been wanting to test this out with for a while. Hopefully it has 
the right IR chipset to allow this.

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