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Do you have any input on how to get kde work with the oss drivers? I
have the oss driver running right now (ie I can cat a file to /dev/dsp
and sound comes out)	also when I start mtyhfrontend I can hear tv.
Although its just straight from the card, pausing doesn't work.


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On 31 Oct 2002 at 19:13, Harondel J. Sibble wrote:
> Actually to be honest I HATE the alsa drivers, their mixer wrt the SB
> sucks! The only decent mixer that works from my POV is the commercial
> drivers using Xossmix.  They respond more like the mixer under MS
Windows. Ie
> they make sense.

Actually that brings to mind another oddity. Watching video from
input (line in), when I get the mixer setup so that I am hearing audio
to the video on the front channel, for whatever reason, the rear channel
play the live audio track, so I usually end up muting it.

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