[mythtv] MythTV Newb, Just wanted to say hi.

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 19 Jul 2002 15:12:44 -0400

On Thursday 18 July 2002 08:25 pm, Andrew De Ponte wrote:
> Hi, everyone. I am a MythTV newbie that just read the entire site and
> everything I could find on this project including all the mailing
> list threads. I am a C++/C/Python/Perl coder and am ready to help
> develop this project and get it up and running if my help is wanted.
> Q: I was wondering if there was a specific TV Tuner card that had to be
>    used (the one from Best Buy), or if there is a list that work with
>    Xv or something. If there is a list that work with Xv then could
>    someone point me in the right direction.

Well, any tuner card supported by Video4Linux should work.  There's a big list 
in the kernel source tree.  The tuner card doesn't need to support Xv, the 
video card that's doing the displaying has to.

> Q: I was also wondering if there was a suggestion for output to TV other
>    than Geforce 4 or Geforce 2 or is there a list of TV outs that work
>    somewhere?

Might be a list on xfree86.org, but I don't know.

> Q: I was also wondering if there is a specific reason a hardware encoder
>    / decoder is not used? (Sorry for the double post Isaac)

I didn't find any that were supported on linux and cheap enough for what I 
wanted..  Didn't look all that hard, though.  Also, I figure more people have 
normal TV tuners than have hardware encoders.

Also, your first email didn't come through properly, you wrote the entire 
thing in the reply-to: line, and it got cut off =)  And the mailing list is 
set to subscribers only, so if you're going to be posting to it again, it'd 
be better to subscribe.