[mythtv] mythtv window issues

John Coiner mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 11 Jul 2002 19:44:54 -0400

I'm having trouble in general with windows being on top/having focus vs. 
being invisible and not having focus...

More specifically, if I'm watching live tv, and I press 'm', the program 
guide shows up behind the TV window. It's not visible, but it gets 

In the new recording interface, if I select 'Schedule a Recording' and 
then hit escape to go back to the main window, the main window is 
visible but it doesn't get keystrokes (I have to click on it, then it 
gets them).

I guess there is some interaction with the window manager going on 
here... or something... I'm not an X window api guru (yet)

Can anyone suggest a window manager that, when set to its defaults, 
works well with mythtv? I'd like to see the expected behavior of mythtv. 
Then maybe I could get it to Do The Right Thing on my desktop.


BTW I run icewm, with some deviant customized settings. My most hated 
thing in the world used to be when I was typing in one window, and some 
other window popped up and started stealing the keystrokes. I do a lot 
of work over vpn where it can take a while for a window to pop up, so 
you go do something else instead of just wait for it. Then the window 
pops up and steals keystrokes ("Aaah F@#$!".) So I tried some wm's, and 
found that icewm had some options to prevent this from happening. These 
  options are like "FocusWindowOnFoobarEvent" and I set them all to 
false. This had a profound positive effect on my Q of L.


Some apps still pop up and grab keystrokes anyway, so it may be possible 
to request this from the x server? Maybe mythtv windows could request to 
be at the front and get keystrokes,

or I need a more normal wm,

or I need a life, or a pshrink, or something...