[mythtv] Re:Dev environment

Jeff Cotterman mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 31 Dec 2002 10:16:38 -0900

 >I'd suspect either a bug in gcc, or a hardware problem. As the gcc in
 >unstable works for everything else, that kinda counts that out...

Well I think your right Issac, as 2.95 wasn't working for me, and the 
gcc team doesn't want bug reports for older versions, I downloaded the 
QT source so I could recompile it with 3.2...

Got a nice sig 11 segfault, classic sign of hardware trouble...

If anyone else out there is thinking about a Shuttle SK41G, you may want 
to wait a bit, I have had nothing but trouble with this little thing. 
It won't even boot 2.4/2.5 kernels at all...  And I have replaced every 
bit inside, set every BIOS option to the most reserve....  So I'd either 
wait for some more support on these little guys, or just do what has 
been said on the thread, just get a fullsize MB, and put it in a 
standard 19" wide audio/video case...