[mythtv] Porting to Play Station 2

Michael Kedl mythtv-dev@snowman.net
31 Dec 2002 10:40:24 -0500

After reading the Xbox post I thought for a few minutes about my Play
Station 2 sitting in the living room; and remembered that Linux is
supposed to be available for it.

So I'm thinking about making it one of my frontends. It's $200 US, but I
want a network adaptor/keyboard/mouse anyway; so I figure thats about
$75 of it.  Throw in the 40GB drive and you're paying less than $75 for
linux to run on the PS2.  Sounds like fun :-)

I imagine I will have to port/recompile a LOT of support packages since
I doubt there will be any RPMs available.

I think the biggest issue may be the hard limit of 32MB total RAM in a
PS2.  After kernel, drivers, and X I'm not sure how much will be left.

Isaac, how much memory do you think it will take to run the new frontend
when you are finished (I guess how much does it use now)?  I haven't
played with the CVS version so I don't know how much it uses compared to