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Dan Man mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 23:08:24 -0500

Isaac answered the question at hand telling me to use a non-tuner input.
I was a little confused, though... I followed the MythTV documentation
once I had Lirc working.

To get Lirc working with RedHat 8 I had to:

In the kernel directory:
mv .config ..
make mrproper
mv ../.config .
make oldconfig
make dep clean modules modules_install

This fixed the 'unresolved symbols' issues that I was having...

Then make lirc and install. 

Here are my two scripts that I use stand alone (and now with MythTV) to
change channels with my box (verbatim from docs, almost):

echo "changing to $1"
/usr/local/bin/channel.pl $1 &


$remote_name = "gi-motorola-dct2000";

sub change_channel {
        my($channel_digit) = @_;
        system ("rc SEND_ONCE $remote_name $channel_digit");
        sleep 1;

sleep 1;
if (length($channel) > 2) {
} elsif (length($channel) > 1) {
        system ("rc SEND_ONCE $remote_name ENTER");
} else {
        system ("rc SEND_ONCE $remote_name ENTER");

All works well stand alone. All works well when I go into setup and
select composite1 on the card and input the correct information...

The missing piece was that I needed to use a non-tuner input. One thing
I see is that if in setup I have 'Television' set to 'None' and
'Composite1' set to my input, when I start watching live tv for the
first time, the card still comes up on the 'Television' input. Seems
like it should come up to the first input with a valid source.

All works when I switch to Composite1 and change channels. The cable box
does as it should.

Just trying to give valid feedback... If I can provide any other
information, please let me know...

Dan Mount

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On Mon, Dec 30, 2002 at 07:43:40PM -0500, Dan Man wrote:

> I'm using latest CVS, is the external change channel stuff broken? If
> so, let me know and ignore the rest of this....
> If not, I've got an Actisys IR-200L & Motorola DCT2000 setup working
> stand alone under RedHat 8. I've set up the proper scripts and
> that they work correctly outside of MythTV. When I specify my script
> the appropriate place in setup, MythTV still changes the channel on
> TV card and not the cable box. Are there special requirements for
> setting this up related to video input?

No, it is not broken, but it is different than in 0.7.  Did you ever
this working under any version of mythtv?  Please explain exactly what
did to "set up the proper scripts" and how you configured mythtv.

 - mdz
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