[mythtv] Dev environment

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 22:12:47 -0500

On Monday 30 December 2002 06:01 pm, Jeff Cotterman wrote:
> I looked around the mailing archives and the faq, and couldn't find the
> answer, so I thought I'd ask here.
> I see Issac, your using Debian Unstable, I am also, however I was just
> wondering which gcc/g++ your using, as there are 4 different versions
> currently in unstable, 277, 2.95, 3.0, and 3.2...

If you're using stock Debian unstable, you have to be using 2.95.  Qt is 
compiled against 2.95, so everything that links against it also must be.

> I'm assuming 3.2, but I just wanted to make sure I was on the same as
> most everyone else...  2.95 I get an internal compiler error trying to
> compile Mythtv, 3.0 stops on line 2128 of NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp.
> This happens on both the .7 release and the CVS version.  But before I
> delved any deeper, I wanted to make sure that the simple solution wasn't
> just "Use g++ 3.2"

I'd suspect either a bug in gcc, or a hardware problem.  As the gcc in 
unstable works for everything else, that kinda counts that out...