[mythtv] Lost Config

Brent Norris mythtv-dev@snowman.net
29 Dec 2002 21:39:25 -0600

Awesome thanks guys.  Missed that going in or something.  Ok as I was
running through this I noticed something that should maybe go on the
"slight annoyance" pile.  Typing in the Zip code causes the request to
zap2it to start after the 4th number.  Perhaps that should be at the
fifth OR when focus is switched to the next box?

> That setting has moved to the setup program, as it is a backend setting.
> Its name and semantics have also changed, which is why your setting was
> lost.  Run setup to reset it.
> Note: you may (and should, to avoid confusion) remove settings.txt and
> theme.txt, and transfer your settings to the database.  All of the settings
> in those files can now be configured through the setup program and the
> frontend "Setup" menu.
Brent Norris <brent@linux.wku.edu>