[mythtv] Possible bug from "setup" using tv_grab_uk

Matt Zimmerman mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 29 Dec 2002 17:55:48 -0500

On Sun, Dec 29, 2002 at 10:39:41PM +0000, Mr. Adam ALLEN wrote:

> On Sun, 2002-12-29 at 18:34, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> > Does it make sense to have a post code?  That, is, would it be possible to
> > intelligently guess which providers are available given a geographic
> > location, if you had that information?  If not, don't bother with it;
> > there's no need to support all of tv_grab_na's options unless they make
> > sense.
> It would be better to have a region in the case of the UK.  For the UK
> grabber the data required for region is "Anglia, Border, Carlton,
> Central....." 
> I'll assume that postcode sent from the GUI translates to the UK region.
> I'm not sure if it's safe to assume that the user would type this in
> correctly. A drop-down box in the GUI would be perfect- if that small
> addition is possible. If this drop down box isn't added to the GUI, it can
> be taken care of by adding additional providers, but this would be neater
> overall.

Then the GUI will ask for a region name rather than a postcode, in a combo
box.  This is very simple.  The postcode bit was added because that's what
tv_grab_na; it's expected that the situation will be different for different
grabbers, and the UI is built to permit this.

> > I don't think this level of granularity is necessary, myself; these
> > things tend to change with time anyway.  Users can easily enough select
> > the channels that they actually receive.
> I wouldn't be keen on having to maintain this, my particular cable
> provider wasn't too efficient on letting me as a customer know about.
> It would be the perfect solution to save the end-user work.

If you don't mind maintaining the code, then, there is no problem. :-)

 - mdz