[mythtv] Audio warble in MythTV with simultaneous record and playback.

Chris mythtv-dev@snowman.net
29 Dec 2002 12:52:57 -0500

I notice the audio warbles (distorts, gets scratchy)  some with
simultaneous record and playback.  The warble effect decreases with time
but sometimes not completely goes away.  This can be heard in recordings
that are done when there is simultaneous playback.  If a recording is
done without simultaneous playback, there is no audio warble.  I managed
to reduce this by reducing the audio data rate to 22050 in Myth 0.7.  I
dont know what causes this but I speculate it is the system trying to
keep up with simultaneous access to the hard disk by the encoder and the
player components.   Has anybody else experienced this?  I am running
Redhat 8 with the kernel drivers (not alsa).  Using MPEG4 at 480x480
with 2000 data rate for video.  Thanks