[mythtv] Auto Upgrade feature?

Nathan Ziarek mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 29 Dec 2002 11:11:51 -0600

As this thing contiunes to evolve, I hesitate to attach it solely to a
TV as I want some of the latest and greatest features. 

I was thinking, perhaps after 1 is hit, it might be cool to have Myth
check for an upgraded version and understand how to automatically
upgrade itself (or an upgrade option if you don't want to risk it). I
have no idea of the complexity of this, but it is something TiVo (I'm
pretty sure) has, and something that might make sense for bug fixes etc.

Anyway, just an idea for future projects. I think it'd make it a more
"polished" program. If I'm stuck with a working .7 for the rest of my
days, though, I think I can manage. When it is running, it is damn cool.