[mythtv] How do I convert from a one tuner setup to a two tuner setup? how to avoid 2 gig file barrier?

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 28 Dec 2002 23:34:01 -0500

On Saturday 28 December 2002 11:24 pm, Chris wrote:
> I have MythTV 0.7 running in Redhat 8 and installed a second tv tuner.
> With Xawtv I can access both tuners independently by using the -c
> parameter (and run them both at the same time, with the sound output
> mixed)   My First TV Tuner is an ATI TV Wonder while the second is an
> ATI TV Wonder VE.  I have the first tuner connected via cd in and the VE
> tuner connected via Line IN. I also have an existing database of
> recorded videos.  I want to be able to use the 2nd tuner for recording
> (or watching live TV) when the first tuner is busy.  

> If I run setup
> again to associate a channel source with the 2nd tuner, will it erase my
> database of recordings?


>  Also, how do you configure the recording of
> audio.  When Tuner 1 is selected for recording, the capture device
> should be CD in while with Tuner 2 it should be Line in.  Kmix does not
> let me select both for capture. MythTV setup does ask what dsp device I
> should use for each tuner.  (Does this mean I need a second sound card
> so I have a /dev/dsp and /dev/dsp1) If I select either cd in or line in,
> the other tuner may not record sound.  

You need two soundcards, of course.

> The other problem I have run into
> is that I am using a vfat file system for video storage and am running
> into the 2 gig file barrier with movies over 2 hours.  Any suggestions
> on what fstab settings I need and what filesystems.  I am thinking of
> creating an ext2 filesystem and copying over all my existing recordings.
> Will this work?

There is no 2 gig limit with ext2/ext3/other real file systems and recent (ie, 
past couple of years) kernels.