[mythtv] Possible bug from "setup" using tv_grab_uk

Matt Zimmerman mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 28 Dec 2002 21:08:00 -0500

On Sun, Dec 29, 2002 at 01:44:44AM +0000, Mr. Adam ALLEN wrote:

> On Sun, 2002-12-29 at 00:23, Matt Zimmerman or Matt Burnham wrote:
> > Looking at the script, it will probably be some work.  Note that I am
> > definitely opposed to having mythtv mess with the xmltv config file at all.
> > Look at the way that tv_grab_na does it, and make tv_grab_uk do that, and it
> > should be straightforward to add support to mythtv's setup.
> I've had a look through the tv_grab_na and tv_grab_uk code.
> Is what you are saying that you would like tv_grab_uk to respond to
> something like:
> --config-file /home/allena28/.mythtv/test.xmltv --configure
> --retry-limit 2 --retry-delay 30 --postalcode 02111 --list-providers

Yes, that is what is needed.  I'd also like to add manual channel
configuration to the GUI, using --list-channels, once there is some way to
feed that information into tv_grab_na non-interactively.

> and then return a list of providers. That's the only obvious approach to
> me (apart from making sub-GUI's in MythTV - which been C++ scares me
> away from doing any work ;-) ). And likewise for the next steps of the
> GUI (which I haven't got around to looking at yet).

The GUI should not be too hard, and once there is support in more than one
grabber, I may generalize it.  Don't worry too much about the UI; I can
probably take care of it if you can provide the grabber bits.

> From what I understand looking around the ZAP2IT site, it returns the
> channels available along with the channel number. Whereas the UK script
> doesn't put channel numbers in with the channels; and is probably the
> reason why uk requires --manual.
> A bit of research could find out the correct numbers, it's not too
> complex over in the UK, taking into account variations between Analog /
> Digital Tv there can't be more than 10 providers across the country).
> This issues is broader than MythTV and is one that would improve XMLTV.

That sounds good.  If that doesn't work out, it wouldn't be hard to add a
table to the UI where the user can specify the channel numbers.

> This approach has the advantage of making MythTV use the same GUI layout,
> same code, and less places for bugs to creep in. The disadvantage:- the
> fact that it's a hack on XMLTV, unless any changes could get incorporated
> upstream. I guess, trying to look at this as a newbie, is it better to
> switch to the terminal to do the channel config manually (and have to
> enter channel number themselves), or have to use a forked tv_grab_uk to do
> the channel config in the MythTV GUI?

Ideally, the user should not have to use a terminal at all.  If you can
enhance tv_grab_uk to make it possible to do non-interactive configuration
and/or determine channel numbers, I think there is a good chance of your
improvements being integrated upstream.  They have been responsive in the
past.  So I would not say that a fork is necessary, and the improvements
would be useful to other projects as well.

 - mdz