[mythtv] Window manager (program guide not getting focus)

Kevin Bowen mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 27 Dec 2002 09:35:19 -0800

For as long as I've been experimenting with Myth, I've been having the
problem of the EPG not being visible (it comes up in another window and
grabs the input focus, but it doesn't overlay on the viewer... I had heard
this mentioned on the list before and the answer given was to not use myth
under gnome or KDE, to instead use a more lightweight window manager like
FVWM... well I finally got around to installing FVWM, and the behavior is
unchanged. Any other ideas for what might be causing this? Also (not sure if
its related) the frontend doesnt stretch to fullscreen, it just sits in the
top-left 800x600 of the screen (video does go fullscreen, just not the UI).
I'm running redhat 8 with a radeon 7500 (with stock drivers, no gatos...
could that be the issue?).

Kevin Bowen