[mythtv] Dumb Question time

Anil Gupte mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Fri, 27 Dec 2002 07:30:29 -0600

Not Tivo, Sony.

Is there any (other) manufacturer who makes a box that has a dedicated
encoder chip on it?

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> On Thursday 26 December 2002 09:37 pm, Anil Gupte wrote:
> > So, I am a dumb newbie who wants to get started on my little PVR
> > But I was thinking, why buy a PC, install video card, mess with
> > drivers/interrupts/libraries, etc...?  From what I understand, Tivo uses
> > form of Linux, why not start there?  If I bought a Tivo and even
> > removed the OS and replaced it with Debian or something like it, I would
> > have the beginnings of a PVR.  Of course, I would need some way to talk
> > the encoder chip and so on, but I am presuming the manufacturer could
> > provide libraries or something to make that easier to do.  I realize
> > possibly obviates the need for something like MythTV, but hey, I said
> > Question Time" did I not? :-)
> >
> > Anyone want to laugh at this in detail?
> Tivo doesn't make any money on their hardware. Instead, they make their
> on the $13/month they charge for their service. Because of this, they will
> absolutely not assist you in using their boxes for anything other then
> service. They have been quietly supportive of the Tivo Hacking community
> long as it sticks to things such as upgrading hard drives. Try to go
> that, & at the very least, don't expect your Tivo to work with the Tivo
> service again. Also, don't expect any assistance from the Tivo hacking
> community, since they are very careful to maintain the relationship.
> Tivo makes a great product, and from a ease standpoint, going with
> like MythTV is pretty silly, and will be for quite some time. Even from a
> budget standpoint a Tivo may be a better deal if you don't already have
> PC (depending on the value you place on your time).
> On the other hand, MythTV can offer things that Tivo can't-- multiple
> the ability to save shows to DVD or CD... It all depends on what you are
> looking for, I guess.
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