[mythtv] Mythtv crash with "incorrect codes" Again

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 26 Dec 2002 15:54:12 -0500

On Thursday 26 December 2002 03:19 pm, Ray wrote:
> 1.  Any general suggestions on how to track this problem?
> 2.  Any ideas of how I could detect these bugs in the recordings short of
> actually watching the whole thing?

You might be able to whip up a decoder only (no output) test program fairly 
quickly, and just decode files to look for these errors.

> Also specifically to Isaac and other Myth developers, would it be possible
> to make Myth more forgiving of the occational error?  It seems to me that
> with the combination of huge file sizes, heavy system loads, and often beta
> capture drivers (not to mention audio) there is a good chance that the
> occasional file error is going to happen to most users eventually and it
> would be nice if Myth didn't go completely belly up when it did.
> Some things I'm planning to try:
> 3.  Look at the code for mjpeg spport in avilib, maybe I can make avilib
> handle the problem frame(s) better.

This would probably be the best thing to do.