[mythtv] Re: mythtv-dev digest, Vol 1 #262 - 25 msgs

Jason Keirstead mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Thu, 26 Dec 2002 12:47:41 -0400

> Johann Klemmack wrote:
> >Tried that, but no good.  If I set things as described below, I still get
> > no audio.  I have AC97 and AC97-Capture channels too, which at least do
> > something.  AC97 seems to do unbuffered audio, and the AC97-Capture gives
> > a nasty slowly fading echo, but the first (peak) is in sync with the
> > video.

Just a suggestion... from my experience the create OSS driver for the SBLive! 
(not the one in the kernel, the seperate creative tarball you can get from 
opensource.creative.com) offers far superior sound quality to the ALSA 
drivers, provided their /usr/local/etc/emu-script is run to load their 
special software setting sinto the Live!. Why go through all this ALSA hassle 
when you don't have to?

Jason Keirstead, BCS