[mythtv] VGA to NTSC

John Joseph Roets mythtv-dev@snowman.net
26 Dec 2002 08:14:37 -0600

I have an AVerMedia -- AVerKey iMicro [see here:

It has the following buttons:
overscan, zoom, sharpness, direction (for centering output to screen)

It has the following inputs:
DC power, VGA

It has the following outputs:
VGA, SCART RGB, S-VHS, video (RCA plug)

I've not yet built a Myth box (will soon), so cannot directly relate the
output, but I have had it connected before to a 54" big screen.  I was
only trying to run visualizations while playing audio files.  I was not
perfectly happy at the time, as the monitor was of course much better
resolution.  TV viewing would of course be much more forgiving.  I do
also remember that the scanning kind of bothered me, as every so often,
you would notice a scan (if paying close attention).  I guess where the
VGA scan conflicted with the TV scan.

I'm wondering whether the quality is likely to be much like that which
any of you get from your VGA to NTSC converters (like the AITech Web
Cable Plus VGA2NTSC Converter listed on freeplaytv.org)?  Should I just
stick with this device, and only buy another if I get really ugly
output?  Is the scan problem problem evident on the AITech device?

On Wed, 2002-12-25 at 14:58, Kevin D. Timm wrote:
> Who is using one of these adaptors, which one are you using and how good 
> is the picture?  Also, how much difference does the video card make in the
> quality of the image on the TV?
> TIA 
> KT
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